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If you’ve considered facelift surgery, but the procedure seems too invasive, there’s a solution. Olga Beregovskaya, MD, at BioMD Balance Solutions offers her patients thread lift. A facelift that’s safe, convenient, and less invasive than traditional surgery, a thread lift can reduce the appearance of sagging, wrinkled skin and restore your skin to its youthful look. Located in Tarzana, California, Dr. Beregovskaya has over 25 years of experience helping people look and feel their best. Contact her office today to see how she can help you, too.

Thread Lift Q & A

What is a thread lift?

A thread lift is a minimally-invasive procedure that’s a safe and effective alternative to traditional facelift surgery. This procedure can restore skin that’s showing signs of aging. These signs include sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Thread lifts are especially effective around the cheeks, jawline, and neck. How it works is non-absorbable barbed sutures made from polypropylene securely grab, lift, and hold the skin tissue in place to create a smooth, contoured face.

What happens during a thread lift?

When you see Dr. Beregovskaya for a thread lift, she uses special threads to lift skin and secure it in place for almost immediate results. To begin the procedure, Dr. Beregovskaya makes a tiny incision in the treatment area. She then uses a special thin thread to lift skin tissue, making it tighter and smoother. Doing so also eliminates sagging and wrinkling, leaving your skin with a rejuvenated look.

The procedure typically takes about one to two hours and may not require anesthesia. Because you’re awake for the entire process, you can also ensure you get the look you want by approving the lift as Dr. Beregovskaya works.

Who’s a candidate for thread lift?

While many people can benefit from a thread lift, not everyone is a good candidate. Those with the best results are typically between 30-60 and have good skin tone. Optimally, thread lifts are for those who are just starting to show signs of aging or have minimal lines and wrinkles.   

Thread lifts aren’t designed for those with excessively loose skin or dropping facial areas. If you think you may be a candidate for thread lift, or you want to see what facial rejuvenation can do for you, contact BioMD Balance Solutions today. You can even schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Beregovskaya online.